This website, is an entirely new site I have created with technical help from my son. I am an artist who has recently moved from San Diego to Ventura. As you may already realize, the Ventura area has so many fantastic places to paint watercolor.

If you are interested in painting on location, I periodically will go on short trips to paint on site. Sometimes I go to the Ventura River, or along the coast or any location that would make for an interesting watercolor study. These jaunts usually take three or four hours - so an afternoon. Just respond via the form below or email me directly:

I am not a teacher, so if you are a beginner you may want to take some introductory classes at the college or another venue. If however you already know the basics of watercolor, I am happy to share some tips that might make painting outdoors, on site more easy and fun.

In this website are just a few examples of my watercolors. I am certainly not endorsing or suggesting to paint in my style or method. No doubt you have your own. I am showing my work just as examples - two that are abstract and two that are semi-realistic interpretations of nature. Also, upon request I can send you a list of materials that you will need to go out painting if you decide to join me in the future.